Buy Black Face Masks – For Less!

With many types of black face masks, we have all the different variations that you might be looking for; from reusable Type IIR medical grade face masks and black disposable face masks to valved face masks and transparent face masks for lipreaders. All our black face masks are available at wholesale prices whether you order one mask or 100,000 masks. No order is too big or too small. We welcome online orders from businesses and individuals and if you are looking for special trade prices, contact us for a price as we can discount large orders even further. We have an extensive level of stock and can source products if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website.

Types of black face masks:

Disposable black face masks

Our disposable black face masks come in various options – choose between buying a box or even individually wrapped black face masks so you can always have a clean face mask in your pocket or bag, for whenever you need it. They are much more hygienic and ideal for having on the go.

Reusable black face masks

We also have a range of reusable black face masks, with and without valves. Having a valved face mask can help reduce the reside inside the mask to assist in keeping your face dry. We also have Type IIR medical-grade black face masks which are approved for medical use. These innovative face masks are washable and come in packs of two so you can wear one and wash one. Our reusable black face masks are much for environmentally friendly and better for the environment so if you or your business can use these, it will help the planet as they contribute up to 60 times less waste than a black disposable face mask. See all our reusable face masks.

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