Disposable Face Masks

We have a wide selection of disposable face masks to choose from which range from simple face coverings to FFP3 disposable face masks that provide protection against 99% of bacteria. The level of protection you will need from a disposable face mask will vary according to the intended use. You can better understand the different types of disposable face masks and their uses with our brief explanations below.

FFP3 Face Masks

FFP3 Face masks give the wearer the highest level of protection. FFP3 face masks are also referred to as N99 face masks. FFP3 face masks have an extremely high bacterial filtration rate with masks filtering out 99% of bacteria in the air and a maximum of 2% leakage as FFP3 disposable face masks fit flush to the face. FFP3 face masks have been approved for medical use against the protection of COVID and other airborne related diseases. These masks are best used for potentially infectious aerosol generating procedures like bronchoscopy, endotracheal intubation, tracheostomy procedures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, diagnostic sputum induction, with patients known to have coronavirus or when working with toxic liquids or aerosols.

FFP2 Face Masks

FFP2 face masks are also referred to as N95 face masks (one is the European name and one is the US verion). N95 face masks provide 95% filtration against bacteria in the air (FFP3 face masks provide 94% bacterial filtration) so they still give you very good protection to both the wearer and the people the wearer comes in to contact with. FFP2 disposable face masks have a maximum of 8% leakage so they fit loser on the face than their FFP3 counterparts. These masks don’t give enough coverage to use with people known to be infected with Coronavirus but they can be used by the pharmaceutical industry, construction workers, agriculture and by healthcare professionals against viruses or respiratory illnesses.

Medical-Grade Disposable Face Masks

Medical-Grade disposable face masks have a 95% droplet filtration system, breathability and consist of multiple layers (usually three or four layers) of non-woven materials made of fine fibers so they block particles. The WHO states that medical masks ‘must block droplets and particles while at the same time they must also be breathable by allowing air to pass.’ Medical-Grade disposable face masks will also require certification to ensure that they are fit for purpose in providing the minimal level of protection for the intended use. A Type IIR face mask is an example of a medical-grade face mask.

Other Disposable Face Masks

Other disposable face masks (and face coverings) provide no protection for the wearer, they are soley to protect everyone else from airborne diseases. These disposable face masks are suitable for the general public to wear in shops and in public areas (according to the current government guidelines which are changeable so please do check before purchasing).