What is an FFP2 Face Mask?

FFP2 face masks are the European standard which compares to N95 face masks. FFP2 Face masks are also known as KN95 or P2 face masks – these are just different names depending where about in the world you are but essentially all provide the same amount of filtration. You can use a disposable FFP2 face mask for about 3-8 hours. FFP2 face masks have become popular in care homes as they are effective and affordable.

What protection does an FFP2 face mask give?

FFP2 face masks meet the World Health Organization’s recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and they also provide a certain amount of protection to the wearer. FFP2 face masks are intended for use by the general public (retail environments or the workplace for example) as they provide sufficient filtration (up to 94%). FFP2 Face masks do not fit tight to the face as they have gaps at the sides to help with breathability and ear loops. If you are in direct contact with anyone with coronavirus, the FFP2 mask will not give you enough protection – you will need a medical-grade face mask for that (Type IIR face masks for example).

What Face Mask is Best?

With so many face masks available it can be difficult to understand which masks will give you the right amount of protection for the intended use. If you need help selecting a face mask, read our handy blog post: Understanding the different types of face masks and their uses. Alternatively, our customer service team is on Live Chat (in the bottom right-hand corner) or you can contact us.