What is an FFP3 Face Mask?

An FFP3 face mask is the European version of N99, EN149 or P3 face masks. These are just some different names of face mask types depending where about in the world you are but essentially all provide the same amount of filtration.

What protection does an FFP3 face mask give?

FFP3 Face masks give the wearer a minimum filtration percentage of 99% so they give sufficient protection against inhaling very fine particles such as bacteria, asbestos and fungi spores for example. They also provide adequate protection against airborne viruses as long as the wearer isn’t in close contact with infected people. If you are going to be in close contact with those infected with coronavirus you will require more protection than an FFP3 face mask – the 3M surgical mask is a medical grade and very comfortable for all-day wear. Alternatively, Type IIR face masks are also certified medical-grade.

What Face Mask is Best?

There is such an extensive range of face masks out there so it can be hard to know which ones you need to give your employees, patients or family the right level of protection. Our useful blog post can help you Understand the different types of face masks and their uses. If you need any assistance, our customer service team is here to help. Use live chat in the bottom right-hand corner or find out contact information on our contact us page.