What is a Type IIR Face Mask

Type IIR face masks are certified face masks (EN14683) and often used in the medical industry amongst many others. Type IIR Face masks include a splash resistant layer to protect the wearer against blood and other bodily fluids. Type IIR face masks have a 98% efficiency in filtering harmful bacteria and are classed as medical-grade face masks. Find out more about the different types of face masks and their usage.

Types of Type IIR Face Masks

Disposable Type IIR Face Masks

The most common type of Type IIR face masks are the disposable ones. These are for one use only with a life span of 3-8 hours. The benefits are that these masks are widely accepted in the medical industry amongst others and that they are very cost effective. The Type IIR disposable face masks are the most popular option but since the Coronavirus pandemic these masks have been causing an issue with the environment so where possible you might want to consider a reusable Type IIR face mask – if your industry allows this.

Reusable Type IIR Face Masks

Reusable Type IIR face masks are an environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable Type IIR face masks. These type of masks are quite new but they come with the same certification as their disposable counterparts. The benefits of reusable Type IIR face masks are that they are washable so you can reduce waste by at least 30%. We have a few options available and some hospitals are now also trialing use of these reusable masks. If your industry allows it, the reusable Type IIR masks are the more responsible option. You can purchase a pack of several so while one is in the wash you have spares. Find out more about reusable PPE in our blog post.