N99 Face Mask Uses

N99 face masks give superior levels of protection and are one of the most protective face masks available. Not everyone needs this amount of protection. N99 face masks are most commonly used for medical workers on the front line that are in close contact with highly infectious patients from airborne diseases like COVID, however N99 face masks are also used to protect the wearer from harmful particles, can be used as a dust mask, for the removal of asbestos and they are used in dentistry.

Understanding the N99 Face Mask Certification

N99 Face masks are a Niosh certification. Niosh stands for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and is a part of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), within the Department of Health and Human Services in America. In Europe, the N99 face mask is the equivalent to an FFP3 face mask but please note that if your workplace requires an FFP3 face mask then this is a separate certification so you should check the product description to ensure that the product is also certified FFP3 in Europe as both the N99 face mask and FFP3 face masks have separate certifications.

The Benefits of N99 Face Masks

N99 Face masks filter out 99% of airborne particles but are not resistant to oils. They are therefore one of the safest face masks you can buy. After recent research by the University of Cambridge, it was revealed that FFP3 face masks (the European equivalent to N99 face masks) actually provide up to 100% protection from viruses like COVID.

N99 Face Masks from Genuine PPE

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