Discount PPE Supplies

Save up to 85% on PPE supplies when you shop with us. We have analyzed the prices of PPE supplies across some of the biggest PPE suppliers in the UK and we can help you make substantial savings on face masks, visors and health gadgets. We can also pass on savings across branded products like 3M face masks – these are genuine products that we can provide certification for. We buy PPE in bulk and pass the savings on to our customers – the large order you place, the bigger savings you can make.

About Genuine PPE

Genuine PPE has a vast range of products that are suitable for businesses and individuals. We supply care homes, retail, hairdressers, medical centers, dentists and schools with PPE at wholesale prices. We have large stock quantities with a strong supply chain and we deliver from the UK. We are sister company of the Synectiv Group which has been trading for over 20 years and has over 4000 resellers around the world.

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