Understanding The Different Types Of COVID Test Kits

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Understanding The Different Types Of COVID Test Kits

Testing forms an integral role in our fight against the virus. While we still have to maintain all the relevant safety protocols such as social distancing, testing is allowing people to work while also ensuring those who have the virus can isolate and keep others safe.


PCR Tests vs Lateral Flow Tests

Covid-19 tests do come in different types and these are known as PCR tests and lateral flow tests. The PCR tests are the tests that you would commonly take as part of genuine government testing, which is then sent away to a laboratory. In contrast, lateral flow tests are quick and can be used anywhere without the need for them to be sent off to a laboratory. This helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to receive the results and it also reduced the risk of testing errors in results.  So, with this in mind, what lateral flow tests are currently available?….


Types Of Lateral Flow COVID Tests

There are different types of tests depending on the intended use – medical centres will need to use an MHRA approved medical-grade COVID test whereas a retail business offering optional COVID testing who just wants to keep their employees safe, might choose to opt for a saliva test that is non-intrusive and easier to use.  All of our COVID test kits give results within 15 minutes, are lateral flow tests and will let you know if you have coronavirus currently, or have the antibodies from a previous infection.  Below we detail some more information on the different types of COVID Antibody tests

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High Accuracy COVID Antibody Tests

Delivering results in just ten minutes, this COVID antibody test is designed to detect antibodies in whole blood, serum or plasma specimens. The test has two components which is the IgG component and the IgM component. This means that the test will tell you if the result is negative if the COVID is currently being fought off (I.e. the person is currently infected with coronavirus), if the person has antibodies from a previous infection or if the person is in the later stages of coronavirus (I.e they have been fighting off the infection but also have antibodies).  This test provides a level of accuracy that matches that of lab analysis with a 98% accuracy rate.  This test is ideal for anyone that doesn’t need a medical-grade test but where accuracy is essential.


COVID Tests for Medical Use

This COVID-19 test kit has been designed to help identify whether someone has contracted the COVID-19 virus and now have antibodies as a result. It will also enable people to identify when they are in the latter part of the illness and have antibodies. The test is rapid and enables results to be achieved in 10 to 15 minutes while it can help to control the spread of the virus. It is simple to use, saves time and effort, making it perfect for managing the impact of COVID-19.  This test is medical-grade and MRRA approved so ideal for medical centres for example.



Saliva covid test kitsNon-evasive Saliva COVID Tests

Saliva COVID Antigen tests are designed to detect COVID-19 as early as possible and it is suitable for use in a range of settings. It is CE certified and comes approved for use by healthcare professionals and trained staff. They are simple to use and have been designed to provide results in just 15 minutes while they are non-invasive providing comfort and ease for those who might find other tests difficult to use. This also means that they can be self-administered when supervised by trained staff.


Easy to Use Rapid COVID Tests

Some COVID tests are marginally easier to use than others so if someone is not a medical professional but has been taught to administer COVID tests then these tests will be more straightforward for them to use. This COVID test kit is used to detect the presence of COVID-19 in individual, as well as antibodies from previous infections. The tests are designed to offer convenience and the results can be achieved in 10-15 minutes. They provide an accuracy of 97.6% and they are perfect for use across a number of settings like workplaces.


If you have any questions about which COVID antibody test kits are best for your requirement, chat with us on live chat.



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