What is a FPP3 Face Mask?

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What is a FPP3 Face Mask?

FFP3 face masks are the most effective when it comes to filtration. They have a bacterial filtration of 99% and they are designed to fit snugly to the face while.  FFP3 masks have a valve that makes it easier to breathe, the valve aids in keeping the face cool and dry from respiration. They are designed to offer a greater level of protection and are suitable for use when working in areas known to have airborne infections (like COVID) or for handling asbestos, chemicals or fumes.


Why Use an FFP3 Face Mask?

An FFP3 face mask is crucial for anyone working in environments where there is a risk of becoming infected with viruses while they are also used during potentially infectious aerosol-generating procedures such as bronchoscopies, tracheostomies and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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What Protection Do You Get From an FFP3 Mask?

Unlike other forms of face mask, these are considered to offer one of the best levels of protection. They are designed with a thicker material and a valve which means that they can have can filter out 99% of bacteria. What’s more, they also have a maximum leakage of 2% to the inside.


Work Uses For An FFP3 Mask

FFP3 masks are used in many work settings whereby the individuals are exposed to harmful viruses or particles. This means that this type of face mask is commonly used in the medical industry. It has been used commonly throughout the pandemic by those who are working on the front line and are being placed in close contact with people who are infected with infectious disease and viruses. Furthermore, they are also used in work environments where harmful particles and dust are present such as the removal of asbestos while they are also used in dentistry.


The Different Types of Masks

FFP3 masks are known as respiratory masks and they are designed to offer a tight fit and a facial seal that protects the wearer. There are different types of FFP masks known as FFP1, FFP2 masks and FFP3. The higher the number, the more protection on offer. Therefore, the FFP3 has a minimum filter efficiency of 99% while the FFP2 has 94% and the FFP1 has 80%.

The FFP3 mask is a valved mask which makes it easier to exhale air, which then makes them easier and more comfortable to wear, especially for longer periods of time as most people wearing an FFP3 mask will be wearing one at work. Furthermore, less moisture will build up which also makes the mask more efficient.


FFP3 Masks Certification

One of the most important aspects of using face masks is to ensure that you are using a face mask that meets all standards. FFP3 masks or respirator masks have to comply with the European standard EN 149: 2001, which includes three classes of disposable particulate respirators (FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3). In the US, they must also comply with NIOSH standards as this will ensure that they are fit for purpose and provide the required protection.


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