3M 9330+ Particulate Respirator Face Mask (FFP3)

3M 9330+ Particulate Respirator Face Mask (FFP3)

3M Aura 9330 Face Mask

3M 9330+ Particulate Respirator Face Mask (FFP3)


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The advanced three-panel design and low breathing resistance filter technology applied to the 3M 9330 + face mask series provides optimum comfort and easy communication, thus ensuring improved wearer acceptance even during long working hours.  An embossed and sculpted top panel gives improved compatibility with reduced fogging of eyewear and an innovative chin tab to improve the ease of fitting. Provides respiratory protection against moderate levels of fine dust and mists.  This 3M 9330 + face mask gives FFP3 levels of protection,


  • Original 3-panel design allows for greater facial movement
  • Low resistance filter technology helps you breathe more easily
  • Sculpted upper panel conforms to the nose and contours of the face for an effective seal
  • Embossed top panel helps reduce eyewear fogging
  • Chin tab designed for ease of positioning and adjustment
  • Easy to store away with flat-fold design and individual wrapping
  • Colour-coded headbands for easy identification: red for FFP3 (AFP = 20)
  • Sculpted nose panel helps conform to the nose and contours of the face and helps to improve compatibility with eyewear
  • Maximum usage level: Up to 20 x WEL
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Features of 3M 9330 + Particulate Respirator (FFP3)

Suitable with eyewear: The embossed top panel on the 3M 9330 face mask helps reduce eyewear fogging. The sculpted nose panel fits well to the contours of the face nose giving you an improved range of vision. The curved, low-profile design also improves compatibility with eyewear.

Made for comfort: The ingenious 3-panel design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes. The 3M 9330 face mask has a unique shape that accommodates facial movements so communicating with others is much easier. The 3M 9330 + face mask has a collapse resistant feature that keeps it securely in place, helping to provide a good, comfortable seal. The large soft nose foam material and smooth inner cover web help to create a comfortable environment for the face even for work in hot humid environments.

Foldable: Being foldable, 3M 9330 face masks are more convenient than traditional cup-shaped respirators as they are easy to store. The 3M 9330+ face mask features a headband material that helps even out strap pressure so it’s ideal for all-day wear.

3M 9330 Face mask

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