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3M Face Masks & Respirators


3M Face Masks & Respirators

3M Masks – for less!

We are confident that we have some of the lowest prices on 3M face masks in the whole of the UK. What’s more, we have had stock of 3M masks during the whole of the pandemic whereas other companies have all sold out. With a strong supply chain and vast stock quantities of a wide range of 3M masks at discounted prices, Genuine PPE is the go-to supplier for businesses and individuals. The larger your order, the more savings you can make. At Genuine PPE no order is too large – if you can't find the products you need, just ask! All our 3M masks come with a certification that they are genuine product.

About 3M Masks

3M Face masks are high-quality products that are often the number one choice for many industries across the globe including medical, construction, textiles and agricultural. 3M masks are specifically designed for all-day wear, made from comfortable materials, offering a practical solution for many trades. Our 3M face mask selection caters to an extensive range of uses; from surgical grade 3M face masks to 3M masks for hand sanding, dust and fumes.

3M Mask Protection Levels

3M FFP3 Masks (N99)

3M Masks are created for industry usage with many masks designed for specific tasks. If you are working with chemicals, fumes, asbestos or you are in contact with patients infected with airborne diseases you will need a 3M FFP3 mask. These masks give the highest level of protection at 99% bacterial filtration.

FFP2 3M Face Masks

For tasks including (but not limited to) grinding, sweeping, bagging, painting and sanding, a 3M FFP2 mask will be sufficient. 3M FFP2 masks give 95% bacterial filtration. FFP2 3M face masks are suitable for professional use.

Deciding on which 3M Mask do you need

The 3M mask range is extensive so selecting the best face mask for the task can sometimes be a challenge. The outline below should help you understand how to identify the best 3M mask for your intended purpose: 3M 8210: The 3M 8210 face mask is an economical FFP2 mask. These face masks are best used for general workplace operations including sanding, sweeping and grinding for example and as a dust mask. The 3M 8210 face mask is a comfortable mask that provides reliable protection against certain non-oil based particles. 3M 8822: The 3M 8822 is an FFP2 face mask that is ideal for humid environments as the 3M Cool Flow valve will assist in keeping your face cool by expelling any hot air inside the mask. The 3M 8822 mask is a lightweight design that can be worn for long periods of time. Its best suited to working with dusts, smoke and fumes. 3M 9320: The 3M 9320 is an FFP2 face mask that has an extended face panel that makes it easier to communicate. The 3M 9320 mask is best for use in outpatient setting and workplaces where small particles may be present such as dusts or mists in hazardous environments. 3M 9330: The 3M 9330 provides greater protection than those mentioned above. This FFP3 3M mask is therefore suitable for painting, construction, textiles and biohazards like tuberculosis and other airborne diseases. This is a 3M Aura mask with Cool Flow technology to promote easy breathing and keep the face cool. 3M 9332: The 3M 9332 is a valved mask that provides FFP3 protection. The 3M 9332 provides protection against fine dust, mists and metal fumes found in a wide variety of industrial tasks. This is a 3M Aura mask with Cool Flow technology provides comfortable all day wear and easy breathing. 3M 1863: The 3M 1863 face mask is an FFP3 face mask that is ideally used to protect against hazardous airborne contaminants in medical environments. It is certified by the European Medical Directive and is also a Type IIR face mask.

3M Mask Technology

3M Aura Face Masks

3M Aura face mask range provide improved breathing comfort with reduced heat inside the mask to decrease moisture on the face, caused by respiration. In a survey based on the 3M Aura 9300 series masks, workers reported that 3M Aura masks are 78% more comfortable. In addition, the 3M Aura masks have tabs to make the mask easier to position comfortably on the face, as well as a more durable design.

3M Cool Flow Masks

3M Cool Flow masks are fitted with a valve that is specifically designed to keep the face cool by expelling hot exhaled breath, quickly. This prevents moisture building up inside the mask so that your face is kept dry. 3M Cool Flow masks make a significant difference to breathability and comfort so you can wear them all day, even in humid conditions.

Why buy from Genuine PPE

Genuine PPE is a British company that is able to fulfil orders both large and small. We have an extensive supply of 3M face mask stock and we are adding more 3M masks every day. If you are looking for something that you can't find on our website, please contact us as we are likely to be able to source 3M face masks for much less than other PPE suppliers. We also offer free shipping on bulk orders, spend £99 to receive free UK delivery. We can offer bigger discounts for larger orders.
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