Reusable Face Masks

Reusable Face Masks & Environmentally Friendly PPE


Reusable Face Masks & Environmentally Friendly PPE

Since the pandemic, the need for reusable face masks has really come to light. With over 53 million disposable face masks going into landfill every day in the UK alone, there is a lot of extra pressure on the medical industry in particular to be more environmentally friendly. The tole on the environment has been in excess of anything we have seen before and currently disposable PPE cannot be recycled or reused. However, there are some incredibly positive innovations that are making their way into mainstream PPE supplies. Whether you are a buyer for the medical industry or just an individual that wants to assist in saving the environment, our reusable face masks are medical-grade face masks that have EN certification so they provide adequate protection (equal protection to an FFP2 or N95 face mask for example) so should be considered in place of disposable face masks where possible.

Type IIR Reusable Face Masks

Our reusable face masks can reduce the impact on the environment by up to 60%. Made from materials using the latest technology, our reusable face masks are antimicrobial that protect from microbes and germs whilst offering Type IIR protection. These medical-grade reusable face masks are comfortable to wear and can be reused and washed 30 times. The splash-proof material has a cooling effect to keep the face cool as well as providing adequate protection with a double layer filter which is tested in accordance with EN 14683 IIR.

Biodegradable Face Masks

If your industry doesn’t yet allow for reusable face masks then there are biodegradable face masks that can also reduce wastage, not only in terms of production but also in terms of disposal. Our biodegradable face masks are made of PLA – a natural material that is made of fermented starch. When compared to plastic, PLA production has carbon emissions that are 80% lower than plastic, whatsmore its biodegradable. Our biodegradable face masks are Type IIR face masks with FFP2 certification that meets EN14683 requirements.

Our policy on reusable face masks & environmentally friendly PPE

Genuine PPE are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment so we are always sourcing the most innovative reusable face masks and environmentally friendly PPE so that businesses and individuals can limit the negative impact on the environment. We pride ourselves on brining you the most ground-breaking products that are a game changer in PPE.

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