Face Visors & Goggles

Face Visors &Goggles


Face Visors &Goggles

When it comes to PPE and ensuring you, your employees, your customers and your family are protected, our full face visors and safety goggles all provide the protection for a wide range of purposes. Whether it is to protect yourself from spray, droplets, dust and airborne particles or protecting your eyes from dust and sharp objects, you can find the right protective equipment for your needs.

Face Visors

We offer a variety of face visors that come with or without eyeglass frames. They are designed to offer comfort, so they can be worn across a range of settings for long periods of time. Whether it’s shop workers looking to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19, lab workers, or to wear as an alternative to face masks, especially in areas where it is important to see the whole face and feel comfortable at the same time. Alternatively, some industries will need to wear a face visor together with a face mask in order to comply with government regulations.

Our face visors are anti-fog so they are very practical for all day wear. They are designed using the latest PET material which means that they are high-quality and flexible too. Our full face visors cover the entire face so they are suitable for medical workers, people who suffer from asthma, retail and beauty workers, and those who would rather their face is visible. Our face visors are easy to clean and scratch-resistant so they offer excellent visibility and will not interfere with the task at hand.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are vital for use in a range of settings and they are designed to protect your eyes from any risks or potential problems. We offer goggles that are scratch-resistant and anti-fogging which means that they will not impair your vision. Whether it’s Lab work, cycling, sport or working in a workshop, our safety goggles are designed using the latest materials that make them durable and safe. They come with a full sealed design and they can be worn over spectacles, which makes them suitable for everyone.

The clear plastic and comfortable arms make them comfortable to wear for long-period of time and that is crucial when working in an environment that requires individuals to wear them during work. Our safety goggles are versatile and designed to provide anti-glare, anti-splash and anti-mist properties which ensures that they are always suitable and fit for purpose.

Safe and Certified

All of the safety goggles and face visors that we offer are designed using the latest materials. This means that they provide an excellent level of safety and that ensures wearers have complete confidence in our products. Furthermore, they are all designed to meet strict standards and are certified for use within the UK. This guarantees that you can put your trust in our products and rely on them to provide the level of safety and comfort that you expect. See individual product pages for certification details.

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