Medical-Grade Powder-Free Feelers Latex Gloves – Pack of 100

Medical-Grade Powder-Free Feelers Latex Gloves – Pack of 100

Feelers Latex gloves

Medical-Grade Powder-Free Feelers Latex Gloves – Pack of 100


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Developed in line with our economic gloves range, these Feelers powder-free Disposable Latex Gloves come in a handy 100 pack. Renowned for being strong and allowing for greater sensitivity when performing certain tasks, they feature a polymer coating that increases resistance and dexterity. These disposable latex gloves are free from animal products and are vegan-friendly making them great for use in kitchens and restaurants. The powder-free design ensures that latex allergens are unable to become airborne – therefore reducing the risk of contamination.

• Powdered to ease donning and absorb perspiration during use.
• Smooth grip design.
• Beaded cuffs reduce the risk of tearing.
• Softness from latex provides superior comfort and natural fit.
• AQL 1.5

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How this Feelers Latex Powder free Disposable Gloves helps you comply with HTM 01-05 (2013 Edition)

  • Gloves are needed to protect hands from becoming contaminated with organic matter and microorganisms, protecting hands from certain chemicals that will adversely affect the condition of the skin. Gloves are also required to minimise the risks of cross-infection by preventing the transfer of organisms from staff to patients and visa-versa.(HTM 01-05 Edition 2013. Section 6.16)
  • Used gloves should be replaced before performing activities that require strict aseptic precautions or when touching equipment that is difficult to clean. (HTM 01-05 Edition 2013. Section 6.17)
  • It is important that gloves fit properly if they are to produce the level of protection against the expected contaminants. The use of latex gloves is subject to a Health & Safety Executive recommendation, which calls for local risk assessment. This is partly attributable to reports of long-term allergy development in some users. The use of vinyl or nitrile gloves may be a satisfactory substitute and should be made available to staff within the practice. (HTM 01-05 Edition 2013. Section 6.18)
  • Powdered gloves should not be used. Individuals who are sensitised to natural rubber latex proteins and/or other chemicals in gloves should take advice from their GP or occupational health department for an alternative to latex gloves. (HTM 01-05 Edition 2013. Section 6.19)

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Didposable, Latex, Non-Sterile, Powder Free


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