Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


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Buy this safe-to-use touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser, which comes equipped with wall and floor-mounted fittings to set up on your premises. The dispenser automatically dispenses sanitizer using a sensor.

• 1- liter capacity
• 1.2 meters high free-standing touchless hand sanitizer dispenser
• Can be used for commercial business such as school, workplaces, or hotels
• No-physical contact ensures the safety
• Prevents the risk of cross-contamination
• Moves around conveniently
• Battery operated
• Can be placed anywhere

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Features of the Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser comes equipped with a lockable cover with a window to indicate the sanitizer level to ensure that the sanitizer remains well-stocked.

For Gel Sanitizers: The dispenser has a capacity of 1 liter and is 1.2 meters high free-standing can store all gel-based and liquid sanitizers. It is an excellent option to use in commercial areas such as schools, offices, or hotels.

Touchless: The automatic sanitizer dispenser is designed in a way to avoid physical contact. Its non-contact automatic sensor technique avoids the risk of cross-contamination.

Battery-Operated: It works on a battery. Thus it is easy to place it anywhere.

Infrared Auto Sensor: The infrared auto sensor automatically senses whenever you will place your hand under the dispenser. A precision infrared sensor will detect your hand from a few centimeters away to avail fast and touchless function.

Long-lasting and Safe: Our hand sanitizers are designed to use for everyday usage, making it highly durable. It is made up of ABS plastic material, which is resistant to chemicals and heat.

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