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Genuine PPE supplies personal protective equipment and health gadgets for less. You can reduce the cost of PPE by up to 85% - we can even reduce the cost of brand names PPE like 3M face masks. We offer a wide range of PPE products at wholesale prices. Our products are suitable for medical centers, hairdressers, retail, schools, care homes and dental clinics to name a few as we have a wide range of products that are both medical-grade and that meet the government guidelines for COVID protection in public places. We can provide certification for any medically approved product.

Why Buy From Genuine PPE?

Our products are significantly cheaper than all the other companies that we have looked at. We are a British company offering next day delivery so you can get your order, fast. We have a fantastic customer service team who are here to assist you during office hours or you can order online. The bigger the order the bigger the discounts we can offer. We have plentiful stock and have had the whole of the pandemic so no order to too large. With a strong supply chain and helpful team, you can rely on us to deliver.

Special Offers

Subscribe to the Genuine PPE newsletter (we only email you when we have incredible deals) and get 15% off everything as a welcome gift – there is no minimum or maximum order amount to receive this offer and it's across all products. In addition, if you spend £99 or more you will get free UK delivery.

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