UV Light Smartphone Sterilizer

UV Light Smartphone Sterilizer

UV phone sterilizer

UV Light Smartphone Sterilizer


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Buy our new germicidal UV light cell phone sterilizer, killing up to 99% of germs or bacteria. The sterilizer Sterilizes 99.99% of the bacteria in seconds for up to devices of size up to 8 inches like smartphones, i-pad mini, remote control, tablets, etc.

• Large capacity aromatherapy function
• UV light eliminates up to 99% of the germs and bacteria
• Instantly eliminates the germs
• Compatible with many devices such as smartphones, iPad mini, tablets, remote controls, etc.
• Protect yourself and your near ones by sanitizing your things

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Features of Germicidal UV Light Mobile Phone Sterilizer

This UV light smartphone sterilizer box can kill 99.9% of the typical household germs such as staph, coil, and salmonella.

Aromatherapy Function
The sterilizer comes with a unique aromatherapy function, where you have to put essential oil in the aromatherapy inlet and press the switch to start the aroma humidifier. It automatically switches after it’s done. It smells lovely after the sterilization process.

Easy to Use
This device is very easy to use. You need to press the UV sterilizing button. After it’s done, it will automatically switch off.

Large Capacity:
The device is compatible with smartphones, iPad mini, kindle, tablets, earphones, eyeglasses, toys, masks, credit cards, jewelry, etc.

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